The Corporation
Tacolod Enterprises, Inc. was first started on June 21, 1988 as a sole proprietorship, accredited and licensed contractor by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), with office address in Brgy. Dancalan, Ilog, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

During its humble beginnings, the firm started as a “Small B” category PCAB Contractor, doing small construction projects for several local government units (LGUs), the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and some private entities. Tacolod Enterprises, inc. has ventured into the services of construction, general engineering and general building through offering services in marketing, construction and engineering design, development and construction supported by its Godly, reverent, and loving Christian staff.

Realizing then the opportunities brought about by the peaking construction industry, Tacolod Enterprises, inc. has signified its readiness to serve the Filipino people starting with its immediate community, the city of Bacolod, to where Tacolod Enterprises, inc. transferred its business address in year 2000.

Exploring further, Tacolod Enterprises, inc. has continually upgraded its PCAB Licensed Category to “B”. Its expertise in industrial technology and others allied technical related concerns ushered the Tacolod Enterprises, inc. participation and dedication in industrial fabrications, installations and erections as other specialties of the firm; aside from its capability to construct roads and bridges, ports and buildings, high- rise structures, water supply projects and other offshore engineering services. Ever expanding and maximizing its service and commitment, Tacolod Enterprises, inc. engages also in marketing of various construction materials parallel to its line and scope of activities.

However, it was in the year 2009 that Tacolod Enterprises, inc. had decided to change its business status from single proprietorship to a corporation, and was approved and incorporated on November 10, 2009 with SEC Registration No. CS200930269. The corporation employs the same staff and renders the same high expertise in all of its contracts and projects.
Tacolod Enterprises, Inc. continually aims to provide excellent services and never equaled manner by using state-of-the-art construction methods and technology alongside employing highly-skilled construction workers from the technical personnel down to the pertinent support groups. Quality work will be the utmost concern of the company and will be done through personalized project management and hands-on supervision and providing constant training of all personnel involved in projects, as well as, using critical materials testing method that conforms with the standard procedures and practices set by the construction industry.

At the present, Tacolod Enterprises, Inc. “comprehensive quality service with hands-on management towards total client satisfaction.” specializes in Local Government Units (LGUs) Level III Water Supply System project with project size range of medium B for Water System. Tacolod Enterprises, Inc. looks forward to rendering excellent water system construction services all over the country, alongside with the widening land developments coupled with fast rising vertical and horizontal improvements. The company’s guiding principle is to provide “comprehensive quality service with hands-on management towards total client satisfaction.”

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to take responsibility in ensuring that the creation of Water Safety Plan is in accordance with the health & sanitation standards by our governing agencies. To provide a safe, clean and potable purified drinking water to our consuming public at an affordable cost.

Our Vision

By Quality management and operational standards, we have a vision to further expand our operations to cater the drinking water needs of our nearly communities and to further expand our areas of coverage to serve the general consuming public.

We are aiming to serve our consuming public with a safe, clean & purified water at an affordable price with a convenience on their part. It is our goal to penetrate areas that are deprive to access the services of having a safe, clean & potable drinking water at an affordable price.
Board of Directors

Andres G. Tacolod
CEO / President

Andrew P. Tacolod
Board of Directors

Aster Mae G. Tacolod
Board of Directors

Jennifer T. Magan
Corporate Sercretary

Junette P. Tacolod
Vice President

George Michael P. Tacolod
Board of Directors

Jo Anne P. Tacolod